Allow me to Introduce Myself!

Hello, great world of brewers! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Taylor Leigh Larson, and I have recently started the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma Program at Olds college. I was born and raised in Red Deer Alberta, but fell in love with brewing while I was living in England and traveling semi-regularly to Belgian with my better half, Tom Ross. My fascination with beer (which sparked my passion for brewing and the brewing industry) began in a small pub, drinking my first wheat beer, (Rothaus, Hefe Wiezen) and deciding to seek out where to drink the best beer in the world. Off to Brugge we went! We have now been to Brugge three times and have visited many breweries in England and Canada. After a year or so of countless brewery tours, hundreds of beers and a serious lack of financial stability due to buying so many delicious beers and traveling every 4ish months, I came across the diploma program at Olds College. I am now started in the program and am eagerly awaiting my departure to Yakima, Washington with my class mates to try some of the freshest American craft beers and explore some hop farms.

Many more beers to drink and brew, breweries to explore and many more blog entries to come.


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